the launch ceremony of the books “Journey to the Future” and “Oman from the Sky 2”



His Highness Sayyid Fatik bin Fahr Al Said, Special Envoy of His Majesty the Sultan, patronized the launch ceremony of the books “Journey to the Future” and “Oman from the Sky 2” by Sheikh Ahmed bin Suwaidan Al Balushi, at the Cultural Club in Qurum.

– Sheikh Ahmed bin Suwaidan Al Balushi.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Suwaidan Al Balushi said that the second part of the book "Oman from the Sky" came after hard work and great effort to highlight the features of the Omani nature, through unique images that embody this nature with its different seasons, using aerial photography to identify the aesthetics of this land. Al-Balushi added - in a statement on the sidelines of the inauguration ceremony - that the book "Journey to the Future" is concerned with artificial intelligence and the human mind, and relies on the Holy Quran.As a basic reference, in addition to the link between what was mentioned in modern science and the Holy Quran. And he indicated that the book talks about science fiction and the development of the capabilities of the human mind through artificial intelligence, indicating that the book deals with the necessity and importance of education in the Arab world and the urgent need to establish research centers so that the Arabs can keep pace with developed countries in this field. He continued that the book is full of many topics, and its classification was prepared in an easy way that enables the reader to view it and benefit from the various titles contained in it.

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