Ramadan evening: Telecommunications and Artificial Intelligence and their relationship to Humans


Ramadan lecture was presented by Sheikh Ahmed bin Suwaidan bin Muhammad Al Balushi, in the presence of a large gathering of dignitaries, officials, ambassadors, scholars, men, women, and businessmen. The lecture was about the orbit of communications and artificial intelligence, Although it bore an amazing title with a kind of strangeness (AlAishq). 

– Sheikh Ahmed bin Suwaidan Al Balushi.

Where he shaved the minds of the audience in the world of the vast universe and the planets and orbits traveling through it, and the relationship of all this to man and his mind. Then he went back to the beginnings of Morse code, the dot, and the dash, and how it all evolved with the discovery of algorithms, leading to imagination and then artificial intelligence. Passion is what led him to reflect on the clear verses of God from the Holy Qur’an, and he concluded his

lecture with the famous phrase that spread on social media: “Yes, I did not enter a regular school, and I do not have an academic degree, but my school is life, and my degree is what I gained from experience.” To watch the lecture : https://youtu.be/cPz7jwH7Dnc

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