Cymbeline Nyc – Lincoln Center Theater Production

Cymbeline NYC is a Lincoln Center Theater production of one of William Shakespeare’s lesser-known works. Cymbeline NYC is currently playing at Vivian Beaumont Theater, Broadway.

About The Play ? Creative Team

Cymbeline Nyc - Lincoln Center Theater Production

Cymbeline NYC has been directed by Mark Lamos and the sets are by Michael Yeargan. The sound is by Tony Smolenski IV and Walter Trarbach. The costumes are by Jess Goldstein and lighting is by Brian MacDevitt.

The original music is by Mel Marvin and the fight director is Rick Sordelet.

Cymbeline NYC has an impressive cast comprising of Jeffrey M. Bender, Daniel Breaker and Jonathan Cake. Others include Michael Cerveris, Martha Plimpton, Phylicia Rashad, Anthony Cochrane, and John Cullum. Daniel Oreskes, John Pankow, Noshir Dalal, Adam Dannheisser, Paul O?Brien and Gordana Rashovich are also in the production. Jordan Dean, Michael W. Howell, David Furr, Ezra Knight, LeRoy McClain, and Herb Foster can be seen too.

Adam Greer, Nancy Rodroriguez, Gregory Wooddell, Michael Rossmy, Richard Topol and Jeff Wooman are in the play as well.

If you want to watch one of the Bard’s less popular plays about romance and tragedy intermingled with a healthy dose of comedy, Cymbeline NYC may be just the sort of play you would enjoy watching. It has an almost fairytale like storyline about a man who loves his wife immensely but is besieged with doubts about her integrity. The fight director has done a commendable job as has the director.

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Cymbeline Nyc - Lincoln Center Theater Production

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