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Oman From The Sky2

The more advanced the drone technology (the drone camera), the greater the author’s enthusiasm and desire to document the scenes and footage in the various governorates of the Sultanate of Oman. In the book “Oman from the Sky 2”, the author focused on the picturesque Omani nature in Oman through three axes: nature, historical landmarks, Natural formations, and he excelled in choosing what was presented in the pages of the book, in more accurately and clear pictures, that make you the insider, visit the desert with its dunes, green meadows and waterfalls, and rocks and their formations wherever you are around the world through the luxurious book of (239) pages.



Voyage To The Future

This book bears its content in its title, as the writer takes you to the future that includes technology in all its details, even in its most accurate, even what we see today as impossible, you will find present in front of you in the future, and God has enabled the writer to set examples between the verses of the Holy Qur’an and science in ease and clarity, Through abundant experiences and wealth of experience.

This book came in thirty-three titles to open horizons for researchers and owners of innovation and technical progress to work minds and prepare to think outside the box to compete with nations that seek development and progress for human well-being without harming environmental and human gains.


Oman From The Sky

The idea of this book was crystallized after the great demand for the visual material with the same title that was shown on the TV channels of the Sultanate of Oman for the first time for this type of drone technology (guided flying camera), so the outcome of the first part of the book Oman from the sky came to landscapes, heritage landmarks and edifices A development that exudes beauty, which the author was able to call a new term, which is “vision with the third eye.” And the reader will find verses of beauty scattered throughout the pages of this wonderful book.



Kunooz Eljamal

A book that contains treasures of painted paintings owned by the author, and they are truly treasures because they are the original pieces of their painters, whether by the famous painter David Willis or his wife or son. These paintings tell about life before the Renaissance, or heritage arts, or monuments, or the beautiful Omani nature, where They excelled in drawing the smallest details of the lifestyle of that era, such as clothes, jewelry, and others


My journey in the world of communication

This book is a biography of the author starting from the fifties of the last century to the twentieth century, where the author sails us with his growing passion for the world of communications since he saw with his eyes the first Morse device in a military car in his childhood, passing through his thinking of how the vibration is transmitted, reaching the top of the communication pyramid by receiving the ministerial portfolio The Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone in the Sultanate of Oman, despite the strange incidents he went through. Communications that he was unable to describe at the time had an important role in saving his life sometimes or solving a dilemma at other times.

Dear reader, this book is a witness to the launch of the good news of the modern renaissance in July 1970 AD, and documentation of the life, customs, and traditions that the author went through and the steady growth and development witnessed by the Sultanate of Oman since that year.


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